some bands I would rather have seen yesterday

Yesterday, I went to Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic. While it certainly had it’s moments, it wasn’t the best musical experience of my life. I won’t bore you with the details. Instead, let’s put it behind us by listening to some of the bands and musicians I wish had been on yesterday’s bill. I’m not going to write a lot because these performances speak for themselves. Take a gander and I think you’ll be hard pressed to walk away without a new favorite.

Nb: This list is comprised, for the most part, of acts you can see in small clubs all over the country (and in some cases, the world) for under $20. A couple of the bands have transformed into new/related/spinoff groups but, the odds are good you can see most of these folks live in the next year or two if you keep an eye on those club listings.




It was unbelievably hot in that club,
but this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.




A Welsh-Chicagoan singing about Hank Williams:



One Man Bands




You can’t see this band anymore,
but most of them are still playing music.


One of my favorites…


…and this one’s for Willie 🙂

some bands I would rather have seen yesterday

Personal Identity Singularity 2013


Hello world, I am Jennifer LaSuprema Hecker.

Let me explain.

In the pre-&-proto-internet days, having a separate identity helped keep my personal and professional lives separate.  The government knows me as Jennifer Rae Hecker, the name on my birth certificate, but back in the 1990s, when I was more involved in Austin’s punk/DIY/”alt-rock” scene, I decided it would be good punk rock form to take the pseudonym Jennifer LaSuprema, a name I used primarily in the publication of my fanzine. And that worked then. Now the internet (with it’s huge volume of searchable data, and it’s ever-changing gauntlet of privacy settings and relationship definititions) has made it easier to find links between my two names. Also, with the launch of the Austin Fanzine Project (a major reason for the lapse in my blogging here), I’ve essentially come out to my professional community as a participant in a culture that I previously was hesitant to be identified with in professional situations. Luckily, things are changing and my profession is becoming more and more inclusive. Where I used to see the value in keeping parts of my identity to myself, I now recognize that I have both a right and an obligation to represent all of the cultures I identify with.

Personal Identity Singularity 2013

home coffee roasting, take one

I bought myself a super-cheap home-roasting rig “for Christmas” and I just tried it out for the first time tonight.

I read up on how to go about using a hot-air corn popper to roast the green beans I’d ordered from Sweet Maria’s, gathered all the necessary supplies, then proceeded to roast!

It went pretty well. It took longer than I had expected, but that’s probably just because the literature stresses  vigilance, as the process can change rapidly from one moment to the next.

I never heard the “second crack” sound, which was to have been my signal to stop roasting (or at least think about stopping). Instead, I stopped around 14 minutes, 10 seconds, when I started worrying I’d burn the beans.

I have to wait until morning to try them. Until then, they’ll rest in this handy CO2 -releasing can I got from Sweet Maria’s.

home coffee roasting, take one

a little bit country (in the city)

Howdy y’all! Long time no write, I know. Well, the wait is over & now you get to read about my weekend, you lucky bastard(s?):

Friday night I had a whirlwind affair with the rodeo. I wish I’d gotten to there sooner (I had to work all day), so I could have seen more stuff.


We intended to see Loretta Lynn, but she cancelled & we got George Jones instead. I love me some George Jones, but unfortunately, the ol’ Possum isn’t doing so hot. His voice was hardly even workable. It was sad. I have total respect for a dude who’s still trying to do what he loves at 80, but dang! that was a crap show! I saw him at Billy Bob’s back about 15 years ago & he was havin’ to take breaks between songs then, so I wasn’t expecting too much this time around…

The Possum's voice lives up to his other nickname: No Show Jones.

The rodeo was quite enjoyable, though! There was some pretty over-the-top patriotism, religiosity & misogyny, but other than that I loved it! I hadn’t been to one since I was a kid, but I’m already plotting my return next year. Turns out, I really enjoy seein’ a man wrestle a beast. Who knew?

Also, the Mutton Bustin’ event (where little kids grab onto a sheep and hang on as long as they can) was as cute as I’d heard it’d be.

Mutton Bustin'

Oh, and there was totally a baby kangaroo at the petting zoo!

Lil' Roo

Then, Saturday morning, I headed right up the road (from my place & from the rodeo) to Green Gate Farms to take a tour.

Green Gate Farm

It was a real nice tour & I learned a couple of things. The highlights were the critters & the artisanal ice cream. Green Gate raises some lard hogs (I don’t remember what they are called, sorry) along with chickens, meat hogs, sheep, goats & a horse. The baby goats were super-cute & friendly…

goaty goats

…as were the baby lard hogs.

lard hogs
piggy pets

After the tour, I bought some smoked ham, lard and lamb’s quarters from the farm stand, and tried the ice cream. I got the fresh mint with chocolate specks. It was delicious! Angel Young, the “ice cream & sorbet artisan”, was lovely to chat with, as well.

lamb's quarters (before)


kedgeree (fish curry)

Yesterday, I made a yummy fish curry from this recipe and I fixed up those lamb’s quarters to go with. (I felt silly buying them at the farm stand, since they grow wild. I intend to forage some more soon. They have, something like 5x the nutrients of spinach.) I just wilted them in some oil I’d fried up some onions & garlic in. They were delicious!!

lamb's quarters (after)

And then Eero cleaned up the curry pot. Good dog!

Eero @ work
a little bit country (in the city)

I blame Facebook

So, yeah, I’m not much of a regular blogger, am I? Well, whadda ya want for nothin’? I post all kinds of neat little stuff over at FB, but I seldom stop by here to write whole paragraphs these days. Alas.

Well, sticking to our “theme”, here’s my list for that 15 albums meme (off the top of your head, think of 15 albums that have stuck with you) for ya. Yeah, you’re hyped. I can tell.

1. One Sock Missing – The Grifters
2. Surfer Rosa – The Pixies
3. The Dusty Foot Philosopher – K’naan
4. Ted Leo + Pharmacists – Hearts of Oak
5. Goodbye Private Life – The Kiss Offs
6. Outta Here – The Gories
7. …Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron – The Oblivians
8. Red-Headed Stranger – Willie Nelson
9. Fear of a Black Planet – Public Enemy
10. Skull Orchard – Jon Langford
11. The Decline of British Sea Power – British Sea Power
12. The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem
13. Old Enough to Sit at the Table – The Miracle Whips
14. Beggar’s Banquet – The Rolling Stones
15. The Mekons Rock’n’Roll – The Mekons

(And, of course, there are, like, a million records that should be on the list, excepting that I ran outta numbers.)

In other news: I’m an auntie!

Me & L
Me & L
I blame Facebook