Rent me your goat.

howdy, originally uploaded by Paxsimius.

There’s poison ivy all along the fence on two sides in our back yard. I’ve never had a reaction to it, but lately, I’m getting real itchy after I pet Smudo. And he’s itchy, too. For a while, I thought it was spring allergies, but now I’m not so sure. I think he’s getting sick of being doped up on Benadryl all the time. I know I would be.

I’m going to try pulling the evil stuff up by hand but, of course, I really like the idea of renting a goat for an afternoon. They love to eat poison ivy. Because they are freakish space creatures. I mean, look at that thing! Smudo is pretty terrified of goats, so it should be lots of fun for all of us! I think I’ll wait until my mom comes to visit in a couple weeks. Something tells me she’ll be handy with a goat. Or at least entertaining.

Rent me your goat.

One thought on “Rent me your goat.

  1. I actually saw this service being provided in Seattle last month: They called themselves Rent-a-Ruminant and they fenced off your craggy slope, let loose their heard of goats, and came back a week later to retrieve goats and fence. It was awesome!

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