Idea Hamster #2

Oblivians fans - Memphis, 2009
Oblivians fans - Memphis, 2009


Somebody should start a band that just covers indie-rock-type anthems. The older I get the more I use rock shows as personal pep rallies. I go, I get hopped up, I remember how much I love life, I return to said life more energized. Just like a pep rally.

I’m not gonna learn to play an instrument (or sing) just so’s I can start this band, so somebody’s gonna have to do it for me.

Please comment with song suggestions. I’ll get us started:

“Cut Your Hair” – Pavement

“Loser” – Beck

“Cannonball” – The Breeders

“I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” – Sleater Kinney

“Now We Can See” – The Thermals

“The Eye of the Tiger Applies to Everything” – Superhopper

“No Lucifer”/”Waving Flags” (medley?) – British Sea Power

“Vamos” – The Pixies

“Bang Bang Rock & Roll” – Art Brut

And, duh…

“Tally Ho” – The Clean

“Blitzkrieg Bop” – Ramones

“Pill Popper Parts 1 & 2” – The Oblivians

Ok. Must. Stop. Now. Your turn…

Idea Hamster #2

Idea Hamster #1

I have lots of ideas, but I don’t have the time, capital, or inclination to act on them all. I’m gonna start posting free ideas here. Make them happen!

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Someone please open an Automat in Austin. I think it would work particularly well on 6th Street. Downtown workers can eat lunch there, but it’d be open until 5am, so that drunks can eat before they drive home & service workers can grab food after work.

The food could be good, too. (I miss Go Bites which briefly sold amazing grilled cheese sandwiches outta a hole in the side of Emo’s. My fave had spinach, bacon, and truffle oil!)

There would be limited staff, so nice people wouldn’t have to wait on drunks. And it could be minimally furnished (picnic tables, concrete floors), so it could just be hosed down at the end of the night. Fear no puke!

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