Idea Hamster #2

Oblivians fans - Memphis, 2009
Oblivians fans - Memphis, 2009


Somebody should start a band that just covers indie-rock-type anthems. The older I get the more I use rock shows as personal pep rallies. I go, I get hopped up, I remember how much I love life, I return to said life more energized. Just like a pep rally.

I’m not gonna learn to play an instrument (or sing) just so’s I can start this band, so somebody’s gonna have to do it for me.

Please comment with song suggestions. I’ll get us started:

“Cut Your Hair” – Pavement

“Loser” – Beck

“Cannonball” – The Breeders

“I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” – Sleater Kinney

“Now We Can See” – The Thermals

“The Eye of the Tiger Applies to Everything” – Superhopper

“No Lucifer”/”Waving Flags” (medley?) – British Sea Power

“Vamos” – The Pixies

“Bang Bang Rock & Roll” – Art Brut

And, duh…

“Tally Ho” – The Clean

“Blitzkrieg Bop” – Ramones

“Pill Popper Parts 1 & 2” – The Oblivians

Ok. Must. Stop. Now. Your turn…

Idea Hamster #2

2 thoughts on “Idea Hamster #2

  1. Inkle-town says:

    “Run to the Hills” Iron Maiden
    “Voodoo Lady” Ween
    “Ice Age” Joy Division
    “Blister in the Sun” Violent Femmes
    “Time to Pretend” MGMT
    “Waiting for my Man” Velvet Underground.

    I know. I know. These aren’t all indie rock! But so what!

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