I blame Facebook

So, yeah, I’m not much of a regular blogger, am I? Well, whadda ya want for nothin’? I post all kinds of neat little stuff over at FB, but I seldom stop by here to write whole paragraphs these days. Alas.

Well, sticking to our “theme”, here’s my list for that 15 albums meme (off the top of your head, think of 15 albums that have stuck with you) for ya. Yeah, you’re hyped. I can tell.

1. One Sock Missing – The Grifters
2. Surfer Rosa – The Pixies
3. The Dusty Foot Philosopher – K’naan
4. Ted Leo + Pharmacists – Hearts of Oak
5. Goodbye Private Life – The Kiss Offs
6. Outta Here – The Gories
7. …Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron – The Oblivians
8. Red-Headed Stranger – Willie Nelson
9. Fear of a Black Planet – Public Enemy
10. Skull Orchard – Jon Langford
11. The Decline of British Sea Power – British Sea Power
12. The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem
13. Old Enough to Sit at the Table – The Miracle Whips
14. Beggar’s Banquet – The Rolling Stones
15. The Mekons Rock’n’Roll – The Mekons

(And, of course, there are, like, a million records that should be on the list, excepting that I ran outta numbers.)

In other news: I’m an auntie!

Me & L
Me & L
I blame Facebook

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