a little bit country (in the city)

Howdy y’all! Long time no write, I know. Well, the wait is over & now you get to read about my weekend, you lucky bastard(s?):

Friday night I had a whirlwind affair with the rodeo. I wish I’d gotten to there sooner (I had to work all day), so I could have seen more stuff.


We intended to see Loretta Lynn, but she cancelled & we got George Jones instead. I love me some George Jones, but unfortunately, the ol’ Possum isn’t doing so hot. His voice was hardly even workable. It was sad. I have total respect for a dude who’s still trying to do what he loves at 80, but dang! that was a crap show! I saw him at Billy Bob’s back about 15 years ago & he was havin’ to take breaks between songs then, so I wasn’t expecting too much this time around…

The Possum's voice lives up to his other nickname: No Show Jones.

The rodeo was quite enjoyable, though! There was some pretty over-the-top patriotism, religiosity & misogyny, but other than that I loved it! I hadn’t been to one since I was a kid, but I’m already plotting my return next year. Turns out, I really enjoy seein’ a man wrestle a beast. Who knew?

Also, the Mutton Bustin’ event (where little kids grab onto a sheep and hang on as long as they can) was as cute as I’d heard it’d be.

Mutton Bustin'

Oh, and there was totally a baby kangaroo at the petting zoo!

Lil' Roo

Then, Saturday morning, I headed right up the road (from my place & from the rodeo) to Green Gate Farms to take a tour.

Green Gate Farm

It was a real nice tour & I learned a couple of things. The highlights were the critters & the artisanal ice cream. Green Gate raises some lard hogs (I don’t remember what they are called, sorry) along with chickens, meat hogs, sheep, goats & a horse. The baby goats were super-cute & friendly…

goaty goats

…as were the baby lard hogs.

lard hogs
piggy pets

After the tour, I bought some smoked ham, lard and lamb’s quarters from the farm stand, and tried the ice cream. I got the fresh mint with chocolate specks. It was delicious! Angel Young, the “ice cream & sorbet artisan”, was lovely to chat with, as well.

lamb's quarters (before)


kedgeree (fish curry)

Yesterday, I made a yummy fish curry from this recipe and I fixed up those lamb’s quarters to go with. (I felt silly buying them at the farm stand, since they grow wild. I intend to forage some more soon. They have, something like 5x the nutrients of spinach.) I just wilted them in some oil I’d fried up some onions & garlic in. They were delicious!!

lamb's quarters (after)

And then Eero cleaned up the curry pot. Good dog!

Eero @ work
a little bit country (in the city)

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