home coffee roasting, take one

I bought myself a super-cheap home-roasting rig “for Christmas” and I just tried it out for the first time tonight.

I read up on how to go about using a hot-air corn popper to roast the green beans I’d ordered from Sweet Maria’s, gathered all the necessary supplies, then proceeded to roast!

It went pretty well. It took longer than I had expected, but that’s probably just because the literature stresses  vigilance, as the process can change rapidly from one moment to the next.

I never heard the “second crack” sound, which was to have been my signal to stop roasting (or at least think about stopping). Instead, I stopped around 14 minutes, 10 seconds, when I started worrying I’d burn the beans.

I have to wait until morning to try them. Until then, they’ll rest in this handy CO2 -releasing can I got from Sweet Maria’s.

home coffee roasting, take one

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