Mike Wiebe + John Doe

Mike Wiebe + John Doe, originally uploaded by lasuprema.

I’m gonna be posting a lot of photos on this blog.

This one is from last night’s X/Detroit Cobras show at La Zona Rosa. This is the crappiest of all the crappy photos i took last night, but that’s what I want to talk about. I am a very, very amateur photographer. Add that to the fact that I like to take pictures at rock shows and what you get is some blurry, fucked up photos. Sometimes they work, though. Sometimes they evoke the show better than a good photo would. Sometimes, as in the case of this one, the photo seems to become a whole different thing. Like a painting or something.

This is my creative process. I always start out with some idea or intention, but I leave it up to chance, too. It could easily be argued that I do this because I can’t focus on one thing long enough to perfect my technique. But I’d like to think I do it because I like to improvise and I like to “discover” how the project turns out.

Mike Wiebe + John Doe